The Amitāyurdhyāna Sūtra is a Mahayana sutra in Pure Land Buddhism, a branch of Mahāyāna Buddhism. It is one of the three principle Pure Land sutras along with the Infinite Life Sutra and the Amitabha Sutra. Amitāyus is another name for the Buddha Amitābha, the preeminent figure in. The Buddha tells the forty-eight vows of Dharmakara, who has become Amitayus Buddha, and describes His Pure Land of Peace and Bliss. He encourages all. The Tathagata, the Blessed One, the fully Awakened Buddha called [Amitayus], Limitless Life and Primordial Wisdom, the Utterly True Victor of.

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His Buddha Land is called Peace and Bliss. He rumbles the Dharma thunder, flashes the Dharma lightning, pours down the Dharma rain, and gives the Dharma alms.

Likewise, if a person makes earnest, energetic progress to seek bodhi unceasingly, he will definitely harvest the holy fruit. The radiance of his sublime appearance shone on everything.

These are the third enormous evil, the third pain, and the third burn. I now have become a Buddha in this world to expound the Dharma, giving the teachings for attaining bodhi, to shatter the web of doubts, to pull out the roots of love and desire, and to destroy the source of evils, as I visit the Three Realms of Existence unhindered.

Buddha Sutras

Their six branches of family are appalled by them, wishing them dead. Amiyayus beds of purple-tinged gold ponds are covered with white jade dust.

However, compared with the life of the inhabitants in the Land of Peace and Bliss, all five life-paths are evil. People of the world do not think of cultivating virtue. Kneeling down on the ground and stretching forth his folded hands he will pay homage to Buddha. Those who see Amitayus will also see all the innumerable Buddhas of the ten quarters. Do you see this?

He shatters the web of evils and crushes the wrong views. Do you ask about my sublime visage based on your own perception? Sakra IndraBrahman, and other gods that protect the world were seen in the midst of the sky, everywhere showering heavenly flowers with which they made offerings to Buddha in their obeisance. The reason we have deliverance bestowed upon us is that the Buddha in His past lives arduously sought bodhi with humility.


Shedding his regal garment, the Bodhisattva puts on the Dharma robe and amitahus off his hair and beard. Because of their greed for wealth, they cannot give alms. Never weary or indolent, they retain in their minds equality, excellence, profundity, and concentration, as well as love, appreciation, and joy of the Dharma.

According to texts and T12n, a28—29; T12n, b9—10some of those in the middle class and very likely in the low class as well who could be reborn in the Pure Land proper, because of their doubts, are instead reborn in lotus flowers in eutra ponds of a city on the edge of the Pure Land. Vaidehi experienced “great awakening with clarity of mind and reached the insight into the non-arising of all dharmas,” while her five hundred female attendants and “innumerable devas” also awakened aspiration for the highest enlightenment.

Buddha then spoke to Suyra and Vaidehi: Because that Buddha Land is pure, and its inhabitants, having no evil even as slight as a hair, spontaneously accumulate good karmas. Asuras are not included here as a sixth life form because they may assume any of the first four life forms and live among sentient beings in these forms.

They thoroughly understand the essentials of Bodhisattva scriptural texts. You all should be tired of the pain of birth, old age, illness, and death, [a process of] discharging impurities, nothing enjoyable.

For five kalpas, he contemplated and collected the pure actions to adorn a Buddha Land. At the bottom are the poor, the lowly, the vile, and the foolish. Aimtayus or evil, fortune or misfortune, follows them as each begins the next life-journey, pleasant or painful.

Some good friend will then say to him: Noble by birth, he has even, comely features.

At the time of his death, when the fires of hell approach him from all sides, he will meet a good and learned teacher who will, out of great compassion, preach the power and virtue of the ten faculties of Amitayus and fully explain the supernatural powers and brilliant rays of that Buddha; and will further praise moral virtue, meditation, wisdom, emancipation, and the thorough knowledge that follows emancipation.

He bestows upon Amitayue the prophecy that they all will attain Buddhahood. The poor beggar is lowly, and his clothes can barely cover his body.

They are soft and lustrous, with a strong perfume. He will immediately attain to the fruition of Arhatship, gain the threefold knowledge and the six supernatural faculties, and complete the eightfold emancipation. In conclusion, it is your mind that becomes Buddha, nay, it is your mind.


The first figure is used here though the figure amittayus adopted in the circulation text.

After the lapse of a lesser kalpa he will attain to the fruition of an Arhat. It has been a long time since you first resolved to deliver sentient beings. Those who practice this meditation will not suffer any calamity; they will utterly remove the obstacle that is raised by karma, and will expiate the sins which would involve them in births-and deaths for numberless kalpas.

Let those who meditate on Buddha Amitayus begin with one single sign or mark — let them first meditate on the white twist of hair between the eyebrows as clearly as possible; when they have done this, the eighty-four thousand signs and marks will naturally appear before their eyes.

Introduction to Contemplation Sutra of Buddha Amitayus

In that halo, there are five hundred Buddhas miraculously transformed just like those of Shakyamuni Buddha; each transformed Buddha is attended by five hundred transformed Bodhisattvas who are also attended by numberless gods. He desired to acquire things unearned, never tiring of his greedy pursuits. Tags Amitayus awareness being Buddha buddhism compassion consciousness divinity emptiness eternal eternity gentleness God grace heart humility joy light listen love meditation mind mindfulness mission neuroscience noble silence peace poems prayer presence quiet quotes retreat right speech silence silent solitude soul qmitayus stillness sutra truth unconditional love wisdom words.

They are neither dutiful nor respectful to their parents, and they disdain their teachers and elders. Because most inhabitants of other Buddha Lands do good, and suhra do evil. Manifested from his hands were inexhaustible treasures, clothing, food and drink, and adornments, such as splendid flowers, incense, and silky canopies and banners. The Buddha further spoke to Ananda: The thirteen contemplations are described in order as follows: Their wisdom-eye sees the truth, which can cross them over to the opposite shore.