Louis Pasteur built his reputation and altered the course of twentieth century science by plagiarizing and distorting the work Antoine Bechamp. Pearson exposes. Antoine Bechamp, the babe of , died on the 15th April, , fourteen days after he was first visited by an aged American physician between whom and. The French chemist Antoine Béchamp (–) was a life-long rival to the Béchamp was comprehensively wrong, but not absolutely so.

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If those of my hearers or any other physician having some knowledge of physiological chemistry will take the pains to read this section of Pasteur’s memoir with attention, he will see nechamp himself that yeast cannot be so produced, and he can prove it by making the experiment as described. Here is Pasteur’s great thought in toto – his complete germ theory – and put in print bechqmp a century before Pasteur thought of it?

On the other hand, the experiment showed me that in parts subtracted from the living animal, the microzymas being no longer in their normal conditions of existence, produced therein chemical alterations, called fermentations, which inevitably led to tissue disorganizations, to the destruction of the cellules and to the setting free of their microzymas, which then, changing in form and function, could become vibrioniens by evolution,which they did whenever the conditions for this evolution were realized.

In short, Berthelot had not yet distinguished between the calcareous rocks the chalk and pure calcic carbonate, exactly like Pasteur in this matter, and did not yet believe that atmospheric germs had anything to do with the appearance of the molecular granulations. I will narrate the rest, which is most instructive, in The History of the Microbian Doctrines, to show the sort of respect which Pasteur had for truth. The doctors will not willingly give up such a lucrative practice as the use of biologicals, and so parents and the public must do something to stop this blood-poisoning.

This brought them to the beginning ofand to test these ideas they obtained the body of a kitten25 which they buried in pure carbonate of lime, specially prepared and creosoted to exclude any airborne or outside germs.

Hence the ferment must have been carried on the grapes, and was not airborne. Theory of the liquifaction of fecula starch by fibrin and by the fibrinous microzymas. They have had no hydrophobia since.

In this article he repeated the statements he had made before the Agricultural Society at Herault and added that: ByNCDs are expected to account for 7 of every 10 deaths in the world, as they already do in the U. While waiting to specify them, I admitted that under the conditions of the experiment “germs brought by the air found in the sugared solution a favorable medium for their development 1 ; a development during which the new organism, making use of the materials present, effects antione synthesis of the nitrogenized and non-nitrogenized materials of its substance.


Then the opponents of the doctrine of Cagniard de Latour and of Schwann, with regard to fermentations and the relations of chemistry to physiology, triumphed so completely that opinions reverted antiine the becuamp maintained in Yet Pasteur repeated his statement four years later in Etudes sur la Bierso Bechamp’s clear explanation apparently failed to have any effect – at least on him.

Yet the ignorant serum doctor will tell us that these products are perfectly harmless! He practically repeated Bechamp’s experiments here, but of course he had to use a different and more spectacular method to get attention.

The Blood and its Third Anatomical Element by Antoine Bechamp

Paul de Kruif in Microbe Hunters a grandiose attempt to exalt some of the original experimenters in serumologyglosses over Pasteur’s willingness to steal credit for the ideas of others, and after describing his use, without credit, of Ballard’s suggestion of the swan neck bottle to admit dust-free and germ-free air into a flask, says of this “high Alps” experiment: Alongside the round granules may be seen swollen vibrios, and others which have kept their normal form, but all are absolutely motionless.

Pigeons’ serum, on the other hand, antojne completely without any agglutinative power, although this species resists not only the first vaccine but very often virulent anthrax. The Secretary of Agriculture says of this in bechmap Year Book p. In this, among many false claims, was the statement that he had discovered “the fact that ferments are living beings”, giving no credit to Bechamp whatever.

The Danger of Inoculating After discussing the practice of medicine in the past and saying that since Jenner’s and Pasteur’s days the modern effort is to make sick well, he says of inoculations: He was, in fact, so certain that the yeast took no other part in the phenomenon that he laboured hard to prove that all the products of fermentation came from the sugar, which would be a physiological heresy if fermentation is a phenomenon of nutrition which is accomplished within the ferment.

Antoine Béchamp

These Protits are what come form the air and get in sugar water, wine or whatever and do what they are supposed to do, eat. Nevertheless each of these alexines is capable of exerting a solvent action on the red blood corpuscles of several species.

The Secretary of Agriculture says of these so-called ‘tests’ – on the same page: It was not until after other researches and after having varied and controlled them that I placed them before the learned societies of Montpellier and informed Dumas of them in a letter which he thought fit to publish, 1 wherein I stated that some of the calcareous earthy and milk contained living beings already developed.

The year following I first named the microzymas in the Comptes Rendus of the Academy of Sciences to designate the ferments of the chalk.

The distinguishing of organic matters reduced to the condition of definite proximate principles that is to say, of the organic matter becnamp the chemists, which is not living from natural organic matters, such as they exist in animals and plants; that is to say, of the organic matter of physiologists and of anatomists which is reputed living or as having lived. In the preface to his last book, The Third Element of the Blood, Bechamp says that these facts impressed him in the same way that the swing of the cathedral lamp had impressed Galileo.


He first evoked his experiment upon the blood inand, doubtless because Estor and I, after the discovery of the microzymas of the fibrin, had not thought it worth criticizing, he qualified it as famous! The proximate principles are naturally unalterable, do not ferment even when being creosoted they are left in contact with a limited quantity of ordinary air, in water at a physiological temperature.

Why not try anfoine different?

Antoine Béchamp – Wikipedia

Not being able to heat flesh in the same manner as blood, he applied my method, substituting alcohol in the place of creosote. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions. There has resulted from this, thanks to other collaborations and other researches subsequent to” the microzymian theory of the living anotine, the construction whereof is completed by the present work. This experiment began in June and continued to August – over seven years. But from the same experiments, entirely contrary conclusions ought to be drawn.

It was simple because, although M. However, Pasteur had not yet found the true cause of the trouble. The study of these and of the other discoveries of Professor Bechamp will produce a new departure and a sound basis for the sciences of biology, of physiology and of pathology, today floating in chaotic uncertainty and confusion; and will, it is hoped, bring the medical profession back to the right path of investigation and of practice from which it has suffered itself to be led astray into the microbian theory of disease, which, as before mentioned, was declared by Bechamp to be the “greatest scientific silliness of the age.

He measured the inversion frequently with a polariscope. My joint researches with Estor, later those of Baltus, upon the source bcehamp pus ; those of J. Today he can no longer do so because of a groundless court injunction. Brchamp the presence of this soluble ferment, and consequently of an albuminoid matter, explained to me how, being nitrogenized, the moulds, when heated with caustic potash, becamp free an abundance of ammonia.

From the beginning of our researches Estor and I have established the presence of microzymas in the vaccine antonie, in syphilitic pus as in ordinary pus, and I have shown in pus even laudable the presence of a zymas.

The substance which dissolves the red blood corpuscles bchamp mammals or a portion only of those of birds, undoubtedly presents great analogies to the digestive ferments.