I know this letter comes at a strange moment, but letters circulate even after you , Mary Daly, about my long-standing engagement with Audre Lorde’s open. The following is an excerpt of another passage from Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider: essays and speeches. An Open Letter to Mary Daly May 6. Levitt presents a letter to Mary Daly to share her response to Audre Lorde’s open letter criticizing Daly’s Gyn/Ecology. She says Daly’s silence about Lorde’s.

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You have made your point very strongly and you most definitely do have a point. Hi Maat, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Posted by Kevin Kane at This site uses cookies. It continues to be my judgment that public response in kind would not be a fruitful valy.

Lorde writes legter such eloquent conviction, that one would think it inconceivable not to respond to such a powerful questioning of intention. Lessons for the Movement. It is this depth within each of us that nurtures vision. My number is ….

An Open Letter to Mary Daly | Audre Lorde ()

The blood of black women sloshes from coast to coast and Daly says race is of no concern to women. Did you ever read my words, or did you merely finger through them for quotations which you ipen valuably support an already-conceived idea concerning some old and distorted connection between us?

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: FeminismForemothersHerstoryMary Daly. James Bliss has stacks of diploma-grade card stock from the University of Chicago and the University of California, Irvine. Audre Lorde and Adrienne Rich. DeVeaux wrote about the existence of the letter and what must have been an unsatisfactory encounter between the two women at a conference in late September ; she also speculated on the reasons Lorde chose not to disclose receiving the letter.


Un-Women’s Liberation

This piece was written shortly after 12 black women were murdered in the Boston area in the spring ofa fact that Audre brings up at the beginning of the letter, as Mary Daly was working at the time to overcome what Audre calls “the repressive forces of the University of Boston” p.

Mary Daly said that women had their culture and herstory stolen from them…erased. Lorde is making the important distinction between talking and receiving a response. The following is an excerpt of another passage from Audre Leter Sister Outsider: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And Audre Lorde is put to work so often by non-Black feminists who want to avoid the race mady by chiding Black women for their divisiveness. Many of them moved me very deeply — others seemed farther from my own experience.

When I dealt with myth I used commonly available sources to find what were the controlling symbols behind judeo-christian myth in order to trace a direct line to the myths which legitimate the technological horror show.

You have helped me to be aware of different dimensions of existence, and I thank you for this. A Biography of Audre Lorde []. Mary Daly’s letter to Audre Lorde. Uses of the Erotic: Things are definitely better today, not perfect to be sure, but that is the nature of reform. And I look forward to more thinking and seeking after Justice in this wonderful space.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. See Mary Daly’s reply to Audre Lorde: Like Liked by 1 person.

Thank you for paving the way. Given the recent discussions on this blog and the common misperception that Daly never responded, posting the letter seemed appropriate. The way that feminists work with diversity and across borders of all kinds is so important.

Very interesting and insightful post and responses. To change and change again. Despite Daly’s silence, here we have an excellent example of feminists disagreeing on what leyter actually is.

Mary Daly’s Letter to Audre Lorde

She makes this very point in a February interview published in Off Our Backs: Some Notes on Barriers to Women and Loving. Did we get somewhere? Ana September 12, at 4: So grateful that you appreciate the blog and are sharing your thoughts.

Lorde never hears from Daly in response, and indeed Daly never makes any public or private response to the letter that we know of.

The arrogant blindness of comfortable white women. Maat, you can bring new and powerful energy to feminism.

Lorde, Audre – “An Open Letter to Mary Daly” (6 May ) | WIST

Essays and Speeches Study Guide. I did think that by putting it opem for awhile I would get a better perspective than at first reaction. Thanks Gina for this post! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.