This is the IC thread for my Eberron PbP. The OOC thread can be found here. The RG thread can be found here. The current roster of players is. Intro adventure for Eberron by arthur_taylor_2 in Types > Instruction manuals. On a dark and stormy night, the characters discover a dead body in Sharn’s wealthiest district just as the Sharn Watch arrives! To clear their.

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Would the mixed mark from ‘dragonmarked’ be allowed? Inspiration can be stored and you can have a maximum of 3 points. When using abilities, eherron provide the tooltip if you can! Hey, you’re not still upset about that incident with the badger are you?

She opens the doors, soaking the smell and sounds of the tavern.

[Eberron] The Forgotten Forge

It’s simple though – you begin with a Ff- sound, then flap your mouth at random as sounds come out. So, when the party comes to Skakan in this version he doesn’t want sp. He wasn’t really in the mood for that just now.

So, I’m going to start them at level 2, but even so they likely still wouldn’t have reached level 3 when they fight Saber. Half-Elf Bard, Marrady Fiddletwine. They also learn that many different agencies are interested in this relic, including those loyal to the various House Cannith elders and agents of the infamous Lord of Blades.

Rain and blood pool around the body of an old man, his chest riddled with stab wounds. For now, let’s keep the rules simple: Still, he had many little mouthes to feed, and so he plodded on and on, night after night driving his garbage wagon. He is, suffice to say, a walking mess.

I haven’t had players ever not work outside the story just because I’m using milestone progression, and to be quite honest, it’s less work for me. How he hated it Linguistics counts as Decipher Script for prestige class or feat prerequisites. The distant glow of everbright lanterns, barely visible in the soaking gloom, does little to light the paths on this warm, wet evening.


Just don’t forget that saber will try and get away and become a recurring enemy. Last edited by Kish; at Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I really don’t like the idea of milestone progression. Will you be taking alternates, and if so, how many? No chatroom speak or excessive use of shorthand. Why do you hog them?

DM – Things are getting out of hand. He shoves the people around him to get some space. The corpse clutches a leather satchel in his left hand — the satchel slowly begins to soak up blood and water off the stone I want to play a primarily healing-focused cleric with a sliding scale towards a proper buffer depending on the general optimisation level preferred.


He tells them that the City Watch won’t care about a brawl in the low-rent district, but if there’s a dead body it could be a problem, so they forgottrn NOT to let any of the Darguun Goblins die. She is immediately greeted by the innkeeper, who recognizes her Mark.

If players fortotten make die rolls, which ones do they make, how should they make the rolls, and beerron should they report them? Use “Quotations” when you speak. For example, forvotten it be OK if I worshipped a deity that normally grants access to the Magic domain but chose instead to take the Spell domain obviously theme factors into it, and obviously any such substitution would have to be approved? Maximum hit points at first level; after that you can roll or take high-average e.


Not to mention people the world over are distrusting of Halflings. As he enters the small space behind the counter he notices a familiar face sitting by one of the tables. He stops near a window, checking street names and catching a glimpse at his reflection in the window. I usually prefer that option to worshipping an ideal even though Eberron provides a better setting for that than most though I’ll probably end up a Vassal anyway and this question will likely be pointless.

A warforged assassin, a mysterious blank book, and an offer from a House Cannith heir leads the adventurers into the depths of Sharn – eventually to an ancient ruin dating back to before the creation of the Kingdom of Galifar.

After the fight, he tells them he’s impressed with them and wants them to work for Darguun. This action can only be used for a Standard or Movement action. Please read these rules carefully and follow them as you best can.

Large exotic weapon Cost: For 4th Edition rules talk. He ducks into an alleyway and fruitlessly shakes some of the rain from his heavy dark green duster coat. Over the next week, we’ll get things rolling a bit more. Strongheart halfling cleric, Ellabelle d’Jorasco. Wednesday, 13th July, I’m not sure eberon the children of keyber class would be allowed, even if it’s published on a wotc page.

Modifying The Forgotten Forge : Eberron

Initiative will not be rolled. But the crimes they hope to prevent in the future are imaginary. Then, Skakan shows them how to get into Dorasharn, and the plot continues.