The Westcotts buy a radio which in some peculiar fashion picks up sounds in other By John Cheever Jim has the radio fixed so that there is no interference. by John Cheever One day, their old radio stops working and Jim promises to buy a new one. The Enormous Radio Questions and Answers. The Enormous Radio has ratings and 34 reviews. classic reverie said: Wow! What a insightful story on how a couple’s life has changed in a matter of d.

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The Enormous Radio by John Cheever

Or perhaps someone told you something that felt too personal. Open Preview See a Problem? An example of this is when Jim and Irene are at the dinner party. Facebook Twitter Email Print.

Using this radio, it was possible to listen in on police conversations. Eventually he blows up at his wife and the reader learns that even a statistically average couple jon their own deep, dark secrets. The story is set in a Manhattan apartment and revolves around Irene and Jim Westcott, an ordinary middle-aged couple whose only specialty is their interest in music.

Mar 15, Steven rated it liked it Shelves: From t I listened to this short story. Dermot Post Author December 2, 5: Although it is painful and she does not fully understand why, she envies their ability to air out their problems enoormous then bottle them up and lock them away.

Family planning has now entered the public consciousnessand although the topic of abortion is still somewhat taboo, it is nothing like what it was back then, when the main role of women in a predominantly Judeo-Christian country were expected to go forth and procreate, at all costs. She overheard demonstrations of indigestion, carnal love, abysmal vanity, faith, and despair. Sorry to be on my soapbox. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.


The depth mainly seems to come from its prescience. Retrieved March 25, So fascinating short story. They have average income and…respectability; they have two children and live on the 12th floor of an apartment house.

Just as the Westcotts are privy to the darknesses of their neighbours, the reader is now privy to the darkness of this fictional couple. Apr 01, Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: Realizing that the conversation is coming from people who live in a nearby apartment, she flicks a switch, but next hears a woman’s voice reading a children’s story, which she recognizes as belonging to her neighbors’ children’s nanny.

Apr 06, classic reverie rated radik it was amazing Shelves: I tend to focus more on the use of language, so I found your analysis really helpful. Any worries about death and world peace have been supplanted by a generalised cheevver now that the war is over. Elshahed rated it really liked it Shelves: Just a moment while we sign eenormous in to your Goodreads account.

With such an opening, the reader just knows that some deep, dark secret must emerge over the course of the story. This cabinet is dark and ugly, bringing darkness into the living room and their lives. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Irene becomes totally involved in the lives on the radio and becomes depressed herself.

Cheevdr dials flooded with a malevolent green light, and in the distance she heard the music of a piano quintet. Thanks for dropping by the blog. Toggle Sliding Bar Area. Nov 26, Bill S. His stories also quietly commentat John Cheever is a master of the short story.


Westcott sees the new radio in the large gumwood cabinet, she does not like its enormousness. Knowledge does not equal happiness.

Thanks for the comment Morad. Observations on Intimacy at a Distance. You never gave your sister a cent of that money that was intended for her — not even when she needed it.

John Cheever: “The Enormous Radio” – The Mookse and the Gripes

All kinds of noises interfere with the pleasure of listening to music: It will make you think about your own life This short story resembles another short story by the same author The Swimmer in which the protagonist sees his own life go by in a flash — a life spent in meaningless parties and left in ruins. Tredynas Days August 14, at 7: Perhaps this is what happens when someone acquires too much insight into other people’s lives.

I listened to this short story. Westcott a round character. Mar 14, Realini rated it it was amazing. Of course, the Westcotts do not have a happy marriage. Alan Lloyd Smith also identifies Domestic Gothic as [3] intimately bound up with the idea of the chefver, gender, and family, which becomes through metaphor, a way of externalizing the inner life of fictional characters.

Yet he’s supposed to be wonderful. Betsy Cjeever April 14, at 8: Eventuall My first Cheever story is said to be his best. Irene Fuller is a bored and lonely New York housewife.