Firms of Endearment. How World-Class Companies Profit from. Passion and Purpose. Second Edition. Raj Sisodia. Jag Sheth. David Wolfe. Identifying Firms of Endearment. Here is how we identified the companies featured in this book. Our process can be described as “organic and. The authors of Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose, 2nd Edition introduce their book, which.

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He believes that the shift toward subjectivity may prove to be one of the most important considerations in business in this century. The book goes into detail of how Firms of Endearment are at the cutting edge of this movement in focusing on societal value of their output and not just their shareholders. Sep 15, Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: Preview — Firms firs Endearment by Rajendra S.

With clear-minded certainty about the correctness of their balance between the pursuit of purpose and profits, the leaders of FoEs involve their companies in matters beyond their immediate boundaries[md]generally with felicitous results for shareholders. But the Ronald McDonald House and a little girl with Wilms tumor taught me that hearts cannot be bought or sold with hard-core marketing but must be earned through good works and honest values, forthrightly expressed.

Firms of Endearment | Second Edition

As decades went on, millions of families rose out of subsistence existence. After all, they drink from the same cultural waters as the customers they serve and the employees they lead. It’s a simple idea, yet profound and so timely.

Endearmwnt process can be described as “organic and analog” rather than “mechanistic and digital. Even the fortunes of FoEs rise and fall due to any number of conditions.


As we are often reminded, there is no free lunch, certainly not in the corporate world. It celebrates leaders who leverage their humanness by inspiring others to join them in making the world a better place.

This is transforming the marketplace, the workplace, the very soul of capitalism. Despite a string of firsm television successes, the raw texture of All in the Firns made it a tough sell. But this is not the first time demography has reset the directions of humankind.

They earn large profits by helping all thier stakeholders thrive: That same year, Nobel Laureate chemist Ilya Prigogine told us in The End of Uncertainty of an imminent broad-reaching shift in endesrment worldview that would make much of what stands as scientific truth today scientific myth tomorrow. In fact, if you would like to nominate a company that we should consider incorporating into this ongoing research project, please visit our website www.

Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose

The men and women cited in this book, as exemplars of conscionable leadership, give us reason for optimism about the character of our future leaders in business and other sectors of society. And finally, we do not claim that when a company adopts the SRM business model that characterizes FoEs, that company will forever more be a great investment.

Nice to read a book that says you can do well by doing good. A company that cares equally for each of it stakeholders.

Challenges the very genes of capitalism. Furthermore, this dominant story suggests that businesspeople are greedy and self-interested. One of the most important business books in years. In this book, we provide some measure of that scale by profiling companies that have broadened their endearkent beyond the creation of shareholder wealth to act as agents for the larger good.

That side of the brain tends to rank things hierarchically in categories. This wonderful book shows the way to what the authors call “The Self Actualization of Capitalism. As the authors of this remarkable book observe, two things have happened to make that so.


Do they have a reputation for squeezing their suppliers? All that said, this book makes it easier to imagine that someday not far down the road everyone will demand of leaders in business, corporations, and every other type of organization the kind of impassioned pursuit of a broader purpose found in FoEs. These companies meet the functional and psychological needs of their stakeholders in ways that delight them and engender affection for and loyalty to the company.

We call the first cultural era in America the “Age of Empowerment. The time from laboratory prototype to the marketplace came to be often measured firjs months instead of decades. Something similar could be happening today—that is, the rapid growth of an aging population is altering the zeitgeist of society, driving humankind toward higher states of cultural development.

Then, and only then, did we conduct a detailed comparative analysis of these companies from an investor viewpoint. Mar 06, Chuck Heikkinen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ponder for a moment what the results of a Conference Board survey say about the moral outlook in executive suites across the ejdearment.

But growing numbers are now wondering, “How much more pain do we have to live with? Pink wrote enthusiastically about society moving from the endeafment rational perspectives commonly associated with the left brain to the more emotional, intuitive perspectives usually associated with the right brain.