Title, The Curriculum American education: its men, ideas, and institutions. Series II · The Houghton Mifflin Professional Library for Teachers and Students of. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. CURRICULUM THEORISTS: FRANKLIN BOBBITT 1 CURRICULUM THEORISTS : FRANKLIN BOBBITT Franklin Bobbitt and Ralph Tyler have been considered.

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The Curriculum : Franklin Bobbitt : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

This sentiment was not singularly felt at that present time in America. He, along with the authors of the National Education Association’s Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education, argued that the content of the curriculum was not self-evident in the traditional disciplines of knowledge, but had to be derived from objectives that addressed the functions of adult work and citizenship. The first step was about separating all of human experience into major fields.

This is why the curriculum has to aim at the particular subjects that are not sufficiency learned as a result of normal socialization, these subjects were described as shortcomings. How to Make a Curriculum The purpose of education, they argued, was to prepare youth for the specific work and citizenship roles, which they would hold when they reached adulthood, and in so doing render society more orderly and stable.

He was concerned with the processes and errors in other fields besides the field of education and used this information to make a more suitable curriculum for its intended course or program. He felt that the curriculum was a way to prepare students for their future roles in the new franlin society.

Sign in Create an account. Bobbitt was not only an academic, but a school planner as well.

Instead it was the fact that he overlooked the psychological character of man. In other words the curriculum itself would be a more representative guide for that particular student. He influenced the curriculum by showing how teaching classical subjects should be replaced by teaching subjects that correspond to social needs.


Cardinal Frajklin of Secondary Education: His work lent credence to efforts to vocationalize the curriculum, and provided legitimacy to what has become franklij of the most questionable features of the modern school curriculum, the practices of tracking and ability grouping.

Page – My mind seems to have become a kind of machine for grinding general laws out of large collections of facts The entrance point of a curriculum was, according to Bobbitt, to see which results have to be accomplished. In this work Bobbitt emphasizes three core concepts that were indicative of a well- designed curriculum plan: By having a state standardized scripted curriculum, it in effect, stems poor performing teachers from giving poorly scripted lesson plans not properly aligned with other schools curriculums.

Effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

Franklin Bobbitt (1876–1956) – Social Efficiency Movement, Bobbitt’s Contribution

Page – If now — and this is my idea — there were, instead frankoin military conscription a curgiculum of the whole youthful population to form for a certain number of years a part of the army enlisted against Nature, the injustice would tend to be evened out, and numerous other goods to the commonwealth would follow.

Bioethics Education of Nursing Curriculum in Korea: Bobbitt insisted on re-evaluating underperforming English programs and opening up the school facility to frznklin community at large. Taylor insisted the scientific management system he had developed was intended to guide those in the industry towards a firm control of their factories division of labor with an eye towards mass production, effectiveness, and efficiency Taylor, The Collected Works of Ted T. He cites a good example of bobbittt task analysis could accomplish by looking at a study on the grammatical mistakes made by school children Charters, Education Encyclopedia – StateUniversity.

Because without this assumption the scientific analysis he was promoting would be undermined if this were not to be the case.

Education was according to Bobbitt primarily a preparation for adulthood and not for childhood or youth. This was followed by step two, where the fields were broken down into more specific activities. Professor of educational administration at the University of Chicago, Franklin Bobbitt played a leading role during the first three decades of the twentieth century in establishing curriculum as a field of specialization within the discipline of education.


Born in English, Indiana, a community of less than 1, people in the southeast part franjlin the state, Bobbitt earned his undergraduate degree at Indiana University and then went on to teach, first in several rural schools in Indiana and later at the Philippine Normal School in Manila.

The Curriculum

Popular passages Page – To coal and iron mines, to freight trains, to fishing fleets in December, to dishwashing, clothes-washing, and window-washing, to road-building and tunnel-making, to foundries and stoke-holes, and to the frames of skyscrapers, would our gilded youths be drafted off, according to their choice, to get the childishness knocked out of them, and to come back into society with healthier sympathies and soberer ideas.

The Immorality of the Hidden Curriculum. Bobbitt realized that there were too many activities for example related to citizenship, health, spare time, parentship, work related activities and languages to fit in any curriculum. They got away from the American textbooks and found activities derived from the Philippine culture. Paste the link into your website, email, or any other HTML document.

The Curriculum of Modern Education. He went to the Philippines as part of a member of a committee sent to draw up an elementary school curriculum for the islands. It was the responsibility of an emerging profession of efficiency experts to identify these precise steps.

Ultimately, having a standardized curriculum allows for equal opportunity for all of the students. Mcgraw-Hill Book Company The curriculum itself, Bobbitt noted, was comprised of the school experiences that educators constructed to enable children to attain these objectives.

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