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Model Name, IC-E Note. File size, MB. About this Download Service. Icom Inc. would like to advise User’s of the following regarding this download. The Icom IC-E and Kenwood TM-D have a control unit with backlit LCD display that is not very clear to read . Their LCD backlight can be changed. for the IC-E DUAL BAND FM TRANSCEVER at the time of publication. NEVER connect the transceiver to an AC outlet or to a DC power supply that uses .

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The diversity reception is not available while using the dualwatch.

ICOM IC-E – Catalogo | NAUCOM – Equipamento de Navegação e Telecomunicações, Lda.

The background color of the display is selectable from green, orange to amber color in 21 steps. The received callsign and message are decoded on the display.

Herstellingen We aanvaarden alle herstellingen van Icom en Yaesu apparatuur en beschikken over een uitgebreide voorraad van onderdelen. Schakel dit in bij de instellingen van uw browser. Own callsign and up to a character message can be sent at the beginning of each call. As it covers e2280 This scanning power allows the e280 efficiency when searching a wide frequency range.

The independent tuning knob provides simple and quick tuning. The key pad allows you to enter the frequency directly.


It compares the signal strength and chooses the antenna with the better signal to maintain good sound and receive quality.

The pocket beep alerts the operators with a beep sound, when the transceiver receives a signal containing a preset tone. In addition, up to 20 received callsigns are stored as the received call record.

IC-E : D-Star Digital Amateur Radio (Ham) – Icom UK

Separate controller from main unit The controller is separated from the main unit for flexible installation. Je kan nu i radio programmeren vanaf je eigen pc.

A simple push of a button allows you to change between the if transmit band and sub-band. Geef de data in voor elk geheugen, sorteer ze en beheer ze naar uw ei We aanvaarden alle herstellingen van Icom en Yaesu apparatuur en beschikken over een uitgebreide voorraad van onderdelen.

It records an incoming call for up to 30 seconds approx. Lees meer over onze diensten.

Connection for 8-pin microphone. As if switching between two separate radios, all operating frequencies, tone settings as well as the display color, fan speed, and set mode settings are memorized. The second transmit memory allows you to record your callsign, CQ message, etc, and automatically answers when you receive a message. It uses the received callsign including repeater callsign and allows you to call back to the calling station without hassle. Cookies zijn niet geactiveerd op uw browser.

Om optimaal gebruik te maken van deze website, is het gebruik van JavaScript vereist. One touch reply function The IC-E has a one-touch reply function. Each memory channel stores tone frequency, skip information and so on.


Pimp up your transceiver control unit display!

Volume, squelch and other function switches are symmetrically laid out for each band. The controller has magnets on the rear panel, it allows the controller to attach to the main unit or iv metal objects.

In addition, there are two speaker jacks for each band on the main unit. Verander dit in uw veiligheidsvoorkeuren alvorens verder te gaan. The IC-E has a Max. Of course, bank scanning is also possible.


Your position data can be sent simultaneously with the digital voice transmission. Tone scan detects the tone frequency used for opening a repeater or for tone squelch operation.

The dot-matrix display provides graphical user friendly operation.

Clean and neat installation can be made easier. WCS Programmeer Kit The IC-E sends the position data either by holding the PTT switch, or at a preset interval 5 seconds—30 minutesdepending on the setting. Output power is selectable in 3 steps.

Schrijf je in op onze nieuwsbrief Contactformulier Vul hier je e-mailadres e2280. Independent tuning knob for each band The IC-E provides easy to use user-friendly operation.