“Word Bhagavatam comes from sanskrit word Bhagavan weach means God and reffers Kunti stuti katha SB Prayers by Queen Kuntī and Parīkṣit Saved. Recent Posts. (Video) Gita classes in Sanskrit – Dr. K.N. Padmakumar · (Video) # 7 – Kalidasa’s Raghuvamsam – 2nd Sarga – Smt. Vidhya – Shloka 8. ?v=NC3KAGPZg3A https://nivedita

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Verily, this is bewildering. Those people who take pleasure in continuously hearing, chanting and remembering Your activities, certainly very soon will see Your lotus feet, who put the recurrence of rebirths to an end.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Sahskrit Hindi translation puranas are available for download at http: Similarly, for Bhagvadgita, go to http: O Lord of Madhu, as the Ganges forever flows to the sea without hindrance, let my attraction be constantly drawn unto You without being diverted to anyone else. Email required Address never made public.

Kunti stuti

Sanskrit text with Gujarati translation written in Devanagari. These texts are prepared by volunteers and are to be used for personal study and research. In addition, each word can be clicked to find its occurence elsewhere in the entire book, like auto-built concordance with expanded links.

You appear in his family as sandalwood appears in the Malaya hills. Are you leaving us today, though we are completely dependent on Your mercy and have no one else to protect us, now when all kings are at enmity with us?


You Yourself descend to propagate the transcendental science of devotional service unto the hearts of the advanced transcendentalists and mental speculators, who are purified by being able to discriminate between matter and spirit.

And this is all due to Your glancing over them. O my Lord, You have executed all duties Yourself.

जय पशुपतिनाथ Aum Namah Shivya: Kunti Stuti कुंती स्तुति

O Krishna, friend of Arjuna and chief of the Vrishnis, annihilator of the rebellious dynasties on this earth, with Your unrelenting bravery Sansrkit relieve the distressed cows, the twice-born and the godly, o Lord of Yoga incarnate, universal preceptor and original proprietor, unto You my respectful obeisances.

All these cities and villages are flourishing in all respects because the herbs and grains are in abundance, the trees are full of fruits, the rivers are flowing, the hills are full of minerals and the oceans full of wealth.

Alastair Carnegie Mar 28, See for example, http: How, then, can we women know You perfectly? Only Hindi translation bhavishya: All honor to You, the wealth of the ones living in poverty, who sanskriy to the emotions one has with the material modes, are the One selfcontented and most gentle; all my respect for You who are the master of beatitude.

People only sansktit that You are partial. All these cities and towns, because of Your glances, flourished more and more with their wealth of herbs, vegetables, forests, hills, rivers and seas.


You appear for the sake of the advanced transcendentalists and philosophers who can discriminate between spirit and matter, in order to execute the science that unites them in devotion.

You have nothing to do with the actions and reactions of the material modes of nature. Sansirit will be very useful to type them for easy searching. This site uses cookies.

Kunti Stuti Part 2 – Anand – S.B. – | Vidyaadaanam

Requires to tell your spiritual and material goals. Kuntl Bhagavata Hindi translation High quality scan at http: The ones intoxicated by striving for a good birth, opulences, education, and beauty will never ever deserve to address You, who are easily approached by the ones destitute.

The land of our kingdom will no longer appear as beautiful as it does now, being dazzled by the marks of Your footprints.

Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupadaimportant verses from srimad bhagavatamKrsnakunty uvacamamasye purusam tvadyamO Krsnaoriginal personalityprayers and versesQueen Kuntisloka. Newer Post Older Post Home. Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of stuuti posts by email. This sight is bewildering to me.