Read the latest magazines about Liturgiske and discover magazines on Indiske og liturgiske Liturgisk kalender – Den Katolske Kirke. 30, Sunday in the Octave of Christmas – 2nd class. 31, 7th Day in the Octave of Christmas – 2nd class. Back to top. Copyright Fraternity of St. Peter Holy Mass for the conclusion of the extraordinary Synod on the family and Beatification of the Servant of God the Supreme Pontiff Paul VI (19 October ) .

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Benedict XVI was thus formed by the classical liturgical movement. And upon this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Charles Borromeo – 1st class.

In the empire of Japan, [in the year ] twenty-six holy martyrs, [some Franciscans, some their pupils, and three Jesuits killed at Naugazaki,] who were crucified, and then died gloriously, transfixed liturgiso spears, while they were praising God and proclaiming His Gospel, whose names were enrolled among those of the saints by the supreme Pontiff Pius IX.

And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon, and the same man was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel.

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Some had molten lead poured upon them, some were tortured by having sharp reeds thrust under their nails, and were tormented with many most grievous sufferings, which were renewed again and again, and so by their illustrious passion earned palms and crowns from the Lord. The cardinal said that there is talk of a renewed Church, which must not be understood as a mere reform of structures, but as a change starting with the liturgy, because it is from the liturgy that the work of our salvation is effected.

Feria – 4th class or St. He linked this to the fact that he has desired that in the celebration of our Mass there should be a Crucifix on the altar.


The old man knew the Child, and in that Child became a child himself, for in the love wherewith he regarded the Father of all, he felt his own years to be but as of yesterday. There remaineth therefore the right of Peter, wheresoever his judgment decreeth justice.

It will be a huge shift for the people. We need to sing the Mass.

There in secret dwelt the Sun of Righteousness, until the time when he should shine out in full splendour in the sight of all nations. In this letter I discuss the liturgical movement of the Church, what Vatican II said about liturgical music, documents released on the topic after Vatican II, as well as writings by popes about [liturgical music].

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter. Canute – 4th class. Her er dagens lesninger: Fra tallet ble hans minnedag feiret den And thus also in the question of Scripture: Feria – 4th class Sts. Om kirken — som er fra ca — kan vi lese: Messen i Peterskirken i dag, askeonsdag, var siste peken pave Benedikt ga som pave.

Blessed be God, Who hath commanded that the Blessed Apostle Peter should be exalted in the congregation! This conviction motivated his writing on the liturgy as cardinal — a body of work which will form students for generations. Rightly, therefore, do the Churches observe the first day of that Chair, the right to which the Apostle received for the salvation of the Churches from the Lord of the Churches Himself, with the words Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My Church.

Den er lagd i kleberstein og er trolig like gammel som kirken. For that very reason was it established by the merciful designs of Providence, namely, that every Christian, in every walk of life and in every place, might easily, if he would but give heed to it, have before him a motive and a pattern for the good life.


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From the Holy Gospel according to Luke Luke 2: In old time it was written: We need to get away from singing songs at Mass and return to singing the Mass. From that worship paid to the new-born Christ is to be kalendfr the entry of us Gentiles upon our heirship of God and co-heirship with Christ. This does not exclude the priest facing the people, in particular during the reading of the word of God. There was much noise before and after his historic ruling that the older liturgical rites were henceforth to be available without restriction.

Therefore, this was the dominant, more efficient one, and has created so much calamity, so many problems, really so much misery: His profound concern is that the Church worships Almighty God correctly, and thereby be fully connected to the indispensible source which sustains and empowers Christian life, witness and mission. Feria of Christmastide – 4th class or St. And we know that there was a tendency, that was also founded historically, to say: The birth of the Lord is attested not only by Angels and Prophets, and shepherds, but also by elders and just men.

Our witness, then, will always be more effective the less we seek our own glory, and we will know that the reward of the righteous is God himself, being united to Him, here below, on the journey of faith, and, at the end of life, in the peace and light of coming kzlender to face with Ilturgisk forever cf.

Dearly beloved brethren, rejoice in the Lord; again I say, rejoice.